Inspirations – Kristi Foster

© Kristi Foster

Canon 5D Mark II, with a lensbaby composer, shot at ISO 3200, f/4 60sec

It has become almost cliche for a photographer to say they enjoy making images of people, however, the human form is my inspiration. You might be asking what do people have to do with this image and I asked myself the same thing. My inspiration comes from an attempt to identify the parallels of the human form inside and around inanimate objects. In writing its called personification. In photography, I think it can be the same thing. I used a Canon 5d Mark ii, a lens baby composer with a double glass and 4x macro filter, a table, two forks and a kleenex. That’s right…a kleenex. I have found that nothing is too small that it should be overlooked in making a great image. ~ Kristi Foster

One Response to “Inspirations – Kristi Foster”

  1. Linda Schettle Says:

    Can you explain how you used the kleenex on this very unique photo.

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