Inspirations – Saloon by Pete Eckert

© Pete Eckert

The image “Saloon” I did using a Zone Plate. A friend lent me her new zero 2000 camera. I used Illford 125 film. I like high contrast B/W images so I looked for a situation that I could get white to black. Since I am blind, I listened to the chatter of the patrons to compose. I picked out a table, went leisurely up to the bar, touching empty tables and chairs as I went, I listened intently at the bar. I lingered listening to sound bouncing off the objects to solidify my minds eye image. I went back a different route collecting more information. The shot took five minutes. I timed this with my Braille pocket watch as I sipped a Manhattan. The tripod I used was old . I’ve replaced it with an articulated new one to make leveling easier. The old fashioned camera attracted attention. People noticed my guide dog and dark glasses. I was busted, giving up shooting to answer questions. ~ Pete Eckert


5 Responses to “Inspirations – Saloon by Pete Eckert”

  1. Amazing and very inspiring!

  2. Very cool! Talk about making the best of the tools one has. Inspiration indeed! Go Pete!!

  3. Interesting. I’m still struggling to get something I love with a zoneplate.

  4. I found just speechless photos in his web-site, and I am so moved by his bio. New to ponhole, I found pinhole is more difiicult to make good works than I thought, zone plate is even harder. It is not magic tool.

  5. Very inspiring and beautiful image!!!

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