Inspirations – Meditation Two – Quiet by Diane Varner

© Diane Varner

Canon 5D Mark II  –  Canon EF 70-200 F4 IS USM (169 MM) – ISO 800 – 1/125 sec @ F/4.0

Fog most often provides a mysterious atmosphere; coupled with sunlight, it becomes extremely magical. And so it was on this particular day. The shafts of light that were pouring down through the mist and trees set everything aglow. I found myself turning in circles as I looked up and photographed the light and shadows all around me.

When I arrived home, I was pleased to find several beautiful shots and had a difficult time choosing just one for my blog. This particular image was selected as it represented the overall feeling of light and quietness that I experienced on that cold, February morning.

The original image had more monotones of gray and yet in my memory, everything felt very warm despite the briskness of the day. I wanted to recreate this feeling in my image so, as I most often do, I started modifying the colors in Lightroom using split toning. The image was then taken into Photoshop. The tree trunks were selectively sharpened and the colors were modified a bit more using the hue/saturation and color balancing tools. The file was returned to Lightroom one last time for the final adjustments. For those interested, you can view the original image here.

I want to take this opportunity to say “many thanks” to Darwin for the opportunity to share my work on his blog! ~ Diane Varner


7 Responses to “Inspirations – Meditation Two – Quiet by Diane Varner”

  1. Diane’s work is always awesome. Her regularly updated photo blog is a long time favorite of mine.

    … and she is reigning champion 🙂

  2. The original image is equally stunning! So simple yet powerful and moving. Well done!

  3. Diane, I so enjoyed these photos and can’t wait to check out more of your work. Love it! If I may impose on you for a quick question. I have PS CS5 but not Lightroom. I’m completely unfamiliar with Lightroom so I’d love to know the advantages of having both. Sounds like there are things in Lightroom that can’t be done in PS. Can you give me a quick idea of the advantage of Lightroom. Thank you so much for your time.

  4. As always – your work inspires!!! Love how you transformed this into magic!!!

  5. Thank you everyone. I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts!

    Pamela…. I think one of the biggest advantages of Lightroom is that you can apply your Camera Raw edits/style that you do on one photo to several others with one click. Lightroom also comes with many presets that you can easily apply to your images as well (many people share their stylized presets which are fun to try). Lightroom also serves as a cataloging system for your images. I suggest that you tryout their 30-day trial:

  6. Diane, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. This information is
    very helpful to me and I’ll definitely check out the free trial. I look forward to more of your inspiring work. Thanks again..

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