Inspirations – Sky Dance by Stephen Patterson

© Stephen Patterson

Kodachrome 25, exposed at around  1/2 second
while a using a polarizing filter

I was on my first trip down to Brier Island to photograph the unusual basalt formations at Green Head located on the eastern side of the island. Attracted by the returning fishing boats, gulls can be found flying in very large flocks overhead waiting for their chance for a snack. This day was no exception and there were dozens of swirling gulls overhead.

I remember thinking to myself for reasons unknown….”white brush strokes on blue!” perhaps being inspired by some impressionistic photos I previously made of moving blossoms in the wind. I panned the camera and 105 mm lens in a slight circular pattern following the movement of the swirling gulls to create the effect here. About 5 attempts gave me the image closest to what I was after. ~ Stephen Patterson

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