Inspirations – Independent by Matthew Connors

© Matthew Connors

Canon Powershot S95 (1/320s, f-5.6, ISO 100)
edited in Apple’s Aperture 3
converted to monochrome in Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2

I took this image during one of those fleeting, but frequent, moments of unpredictability common with children. My daughter was sunning on the driveway and the incongruity of her lying next to rather than on her towel was, at first, merely humorous to me. Then tonal contrasts in the scene caught my eye. The black concrete, the striped towel, and her shadow cast by the late-day sun would all be accentuated in a monochromatic image. I grabbed my nearest camera, a 5-foot step ladder, took the image, put everything away, and went back to whatever I had been doing.

I believed that I had documented a nice moment, but little else and was surprised with the positive response I received when I shared it. What I thought was a personal moment that exemplified an independent, non-conformer streak in my daughter – that I was all too familiar with – actually spoke to a wider audience than I predicted.

I was reminded by the response to this image that everyday there are unexpected moments and scenes in our lives that, if caught on camera, can typify a moment or share a story. These moments are easily overlooked because they are typically routine to us, but it’s hard to predict how what is ordinary to one person will be interpreted by others. ~ Matthew Connors

2 Responses to “Inspirations – Independent by Matthew Connors”

  1. Fantastic! It’s an excellent image on its own merit, really works well in monochrome tones and tells a story. The backstory is useful, as well — we don’t always know the full dimension of what we’ve captured in the image, because viewers bring their aspects of interpretation to the table as well.

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