Inspirations – New Forest by David Baker

© David Baker

Canon 5D II with a 24mm TS-E II 0.6 secs @ f/11 with a 0.3 Lee ND grad

I wanted to capture a typical New Forest scene at around dawn. The weather forecast was for mist/fog and I knew that if it appeared, it would linger at a favourite location in the Forest due primarily to the depression of the land.

It’s a typical forest scene because of the New Forest pony (there are usually at least two or three Forest ponies here at around sunrise), the singular tree and the heathland. I was fortunate that this pony stopped where s/he did. The autumn colour in the heath was just about to show but I like the muted palette due to the mist. At this time of day it’s a peaceful place. ~ David Baker


4 Responses to “Inspirations – New Forest by David Baker”

  1. Fantastic…the fog gives a great idea of the surrounding environment 🙂 excelent photo

  2. Lovely and ethereal.

  3. wonderful scenery!

  4. Many thanks for the feature, and for the comments. Much appreciated.

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