The Daily Snap – April 11


©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I snapped this shot of John Marriott this morning. I was out photographing some trees in the early morning light when I literally stumbled on John in full camo. I think I scared away his wildlife subject–he seemed a little ‘terse’ at my friendly hello but came around after I offered him a couple of granola bars. If you want to see John in action he is part of the SNAP! seminar coming up in Canmore, Alberta on April 24 and 25. The seminar is getting close to selling out, so if you want to see how John makes his amazing wildlife images, I suggest you sign up soon.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 11”

  1. LOL! That’s pretty humorous. Granola bars cure a multitude of ills, it seems!

    I don’t wear camo, but when I’m after wildlife (usually birds) I’ll often wear neutral / earthtoned outer layers. I’ve had people virtually stumble over me and then jump when they realize I’m there. I don’t know if that speaks more to my ability to blend in, or their situational awareness. Regardless of what I was shooting (usually emphasis on “was”), I’m invariably asked where the bear is. It’s not clear what they would do if there was a bear, given their lack of awareness of my presence… 🙂

  2. Quite the camo outfit! That brightly striped with red Canon EOS strap is kinda counter-productive don’t you think?

  3. Ha-ha, great shot Darwin, captured me in all my gore…err, glore 😉 Thanks for the granola bars, btw, they came in handy bartering with the sasquatch I ran into later in the morning….

  4. Nice shot!! Can’t wait for the SNAP Seminar!! See you there!


  5. Canoninja! 🙂

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