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The Daily Snap – The End

Posted in The Daily Snap with tags , , , on December 5, 2010 by Darwin

I started the Daily Snap exactly one year ago (December 5). I wanted to show that it wasn’t the gear that mattered but rather the ability to see. And there is no better way to learn to see than to force yourself to practice daily by making photos. And by using small point-n-shoot cameras I could practice making photos anywhere (around the house, at the pub, on walks with the dog, or while on photo tours). The Daily Snap was my personal exercise to do photography regularly to keep my eye in tune–visual scales for the visual artist if you will.

Now that the year is done, I plan to move onto a different project for 2011 (stay tuned for that in the new year). I have created a gallery of some of my favorite Daily Snaps over on my website. If you want to see the whole year of Daily Snaps go here.  Some people have been inspired to do their own daily photos, if you are doing such a project feel free to share a link to your project in the comment section below. Thanks to everybody for your support and patience with this somewhat self-indulgent exercise. If you subscribe to this blog your inbox will now be just a little less full.

The last snap is below. And of course why not photograph one of my favorite subjects… Samantha (here having a coffee at our favorite local coffee shop). Thanks for tuning in!


©Darwin Wiggett


The Daily Snap – December 4

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Because of the amazing file quality I now use the Sigma Dp1x as my landscape point-n-shoot camera. I just love the files it gives me. The Canon G11 is my people, family, pets, macro and all around ‘happy snap’ camera. The two machines are very different animals and serve specific purposes. Below is a shot from yesterday with the DP1x. I ordered the lens hood/filter holder so I can use a polarizer and grad filters on the DP1x, but I do not have this accessory yet. So yesterday I hand-held a 3-stop hard-edge grad filter over the lens to hold back exposure in the sky. I also used a reflector leaning against my leg to add light to the fence post. Imagine what the farmer who drove by thought of me. Here I am with a big ‘Fargo’ parka holding a grad in one hand, trying to press the shutter with the other hand and balancing a big silver disc on my leg with Brando (my dog) curled up beside me in a snow drift! No wonder he sped up as he drove by!

©Darwin Wiggett

detail from the shot above

The Daily Snap – December 3

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©Darwin Wiggett

Samantha has this hand-me down cookbook that is obviously well used. As soon as I saw it on the kitchen table I had to make a photo of it! I used the Sigma DP1x to snap the photo.


The Daily Snap – December 2

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©Darwin Wiggett

As I was getting up from breakfast yesterday, I noticed that the lamp in our living room was casting a wonderful shadow in the morning light. I grabbed the G11 and made a few snaps from various angles, this is the one I liked best.

The Daily Snap – December 1

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©Darwin Wiggett

Yesterday’s announcement about the winter photo tour reminded me of just how much fun the ice is out on Abraham Lake. Check out this snap of some giant ice bubbles from last year. I hope the ice is as good this year!

The Daily Snap – November 1

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©Darwin Wiggett

Below Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park people spend a lot of time making rock art (mostly Inukshuks) from the river rocks. I found this art to be particularly ‘eye-catching’. Nudes in the landscape anyone?

The Daily Snap – November 29

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Sigma DP1x

Here is the same scene shot with the Canon G11 and the Sigma Dp1x. Interesting how the two cameras render the same scene quite differently in terms of colours. Which rendition is ‘best’ is a matter of personal preference. What was obvious though is the bigger sensor size of the Sigma made for much better files – see below:

Canon G11 detail

Sigma DP1x Detail