The Weekly Photo – June 13

On my spring photo tour early in June, I took out the Sigma 50-500mm lens for 6 days of rigorous field testing. I will post the results next week. In the meantime here is a photo from the lens shot at 167mm.

©Darwin Wiggett

The photo above is of the Kootenay Plains in fog which is a rare event. Just to show you how much zoom range the Sigma 50-500mm lens has check out the two photos below: the top one is at 50mm, the bottom at 500mm. The two photos are of the same scene. See if you can tell which part of the 50mm picture I zoomed in to for the 500mm shot.

©Darwin Wiggett - Sigma 50-500mm lens at 50mm

©Darwin Wiggett - Sigma 50-500mm at 500mm


8 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – June 13”

  1. Middle right side? 50-500 is a ridiculous range if it performs well.

  2. Mark Neil Says:

    It’s like a jig-saw puzzle, but I finally found it. What is the f-stop range on this lense?

  3. Took me awhile to find it. You should make a puzzle book in the lines of “Where’s Waldo” but with nature abstracts.

    I really like the tree image. The fog really ads separation.

  4. Sandra Palm-Allen Says:

    You zoomed in on the hidden face in the right mid range upper side of the 50mm photo.

  5. vicente machado Says:

    The part zoomed is on the right side of the photo.

    Good work and good lens,

  6. Looking forward to your review of this lens. Not so interested in the short lengths, but 500mm (or whatever that real focal length is when it’s racked out) for this price is tempting indeed.

  7. Now that is what I call zoom. Cool shots Darren

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