Travel Photo Contest – Stephen DesRoches

Stephen DesRoches

©Stephen DesRoches


Something that is travel to me, is home to another so I struggle with what actually defines travel photography. When away from my small home town of Charlottetown, one category that sings travel for me are cityscapes. I like to take home something close to a skyline view of each location I visit as a collectable item. It’s a common subject and all done before but consider it like a souvenir.

Here is that common view of downtown Montreal Quebec seen from Mont Royal. Determined to be a little unique, we had hiked up the side of the mountain early in the day to get a sense of the trails and view and then returned later that night in the dark for this photo. A total of 15 photos to be exact. This HDR panoramic view was a merge of five frames using three exposures for each. To show details in a 400px window of this very wide 13000 by 2000 pixel photo, I’m including a cropped view below the full piece.


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Stephen DesRoches”

  1. Stephen, I loved the square frame and then I looked at the wide photograph. I’m just blown away by it. Wow!

  2. Very nice shot, I’ll have to check out that spot when / if I’m back in Montreal.


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