The Daily Snap – July 14

©Darwin Wiggett

Another one from the Spring Photo Tour from one of my favorite places for intimate landscapes, Allstones Canyon near Nordegg. I used a little Orton Effect on this one for a painterly rendition. Click on the photo to see a larger version. I almost always use a Singh-Ray LB polarizer on my point-n-shoot cameras to help remove reflective highlights and saturate colours.

4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 14”

  1. John Arnold Says:


    Are you a fan of neutral LB polarizer now that they offer it as a alternative to the warming polarizer version? Do you have a preference?

    • I still like the LB Warming polarizer because I like a warm looking photo. Of course you can always change the white balance in camera or after the fact and get the same effect. But I am an old dog and I like my old tricks. Darwin

  2. Hi Darwin,

    What would you recommend as a filter for a first polarized filter? 95% of my shooting is outdoors with a 50D. What do you think I would benefit from most?

  3. Just get a good quality polarizer from any reputable manufacturer. But also this link might help you figure out a filter system –

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