Travel Photo Contest – Tom Nevesely

Tom Nevesely

©Tom Nevesely

Shot in Cairo, Egypt in April 2008

While on a trip through Egypt, we stopped for lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant in Cairo. Near the entrance sat this girl holding a goat. She had the most incredible smile that I just had to get take her photo (with her permission first, of course). I rarely photograph people so was a different experience for me.


6 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Tom Nevesely”

  1. Absolutely perfect! I love the processing!

  2. Anil Sud Says:

    The warmth in her smile was the first thing that caught my eye in this environmental portrait.

  3. Beautiful expression! and I love the treatment, well done!

  4. Great! I am sure I saw this picture in one of the magazines.

  5. aswirly Says:

    This is really precious Tom

  6. What a sweet photo. Even the goat seems to be so very content. The pastel tones work wondefully here. Really well done.

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