Inspirations – Andrew Brooks

© Andrew Brooks

Shot with the camera in waterproof housing so I could have the camera point of view around an inch of the top of the water.  Shot at f8 on a lens at 24mm using exposures of 1 second, to allow me the time to fire the flash whilst the lens is open.

The Flooded Tunnel image is a composite photograph, made from over 250 captures.  The tunnel was pitch black and I could get no power down there to bring a lighting set up,  so the whole things it lit using one Nikon flash gun.  I set the camera to open it’s lens for 1 second every 5 seconds, allowing me to walk within the shot, firing the flash in a different position for every exposure,  I then used Photoshop to bring all of these exposures together,  taking the light information from each burst of flash and then overlapping that with other flashes.  It took me around 45 minuets to shoot the shot and around 3 days to bring all the elements together.

The image is from an ongoing project working with curator Andy Brydon where we look at the Hidden City, visit this gallery to see more from this project. ~ Andrew Brooks


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Andrew Brooks”

  1. I just spent half an hour going through images on Andrew Brooks’ website and am totally blown away. I love the discovery of hidden places and he sure captures those with incredible detail and vibrance in his latest series. Thank you for sharing; I’m now more motivated for my daily photo.

  2. THAT is dedication. Wow. Not sure I would have the stamina for a project like that.

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