Fabulous Film Fridays – The Last Post (Dec. 30, 2011)

Samantha and my Fabulous Film Fridays project that we shared between our blogs and which started on December 31, 2010 has come to its year-end. It has been a blast shooting once a week with our film cameras. If you liked this project be sure to head over to our new website and blog and get the free Fabulous Film Friday eBook which will launch next Friday (January 6, 2012). As most of you know this blog will end on December 31st with its final entry; please join me over at oopoomoo where my new adventure begins!

Speaking of end projects, Samantha is giving her course: Learning to “Speak’ the Language of Visual Expression one last time. This course has gotten rave reviews and so if you are keen to ramp up your visual knowledge, be sure to sign up for the January 2nd, 2012 start date!

Both photos taken with Tachihara Tim using Fuji Instant Print Film


8 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – The Last Post (Dec. 30, 2011)”

  1. I will miss the event opening the email from wordpress every Friday morining. I am very sure FFF opened some photographers’ artistic mind since people around me started shooting film. Thanks, Sam and Darwin.

  2. Thank you Darwin and Sam for taking us along with you on you Fabulous Film Friday journey. I know I’ve enjoyed!

    All the best to you both in the New Year!

  3. Thanks for sharing the retro world of film with us. And all the best in your new adventure at oopoomoo … will be following you there.

  4. I’ll light a candle for this blog and the series, it was always fun to read, the instructional posts, the 7D wars, honest reviews…how sad.

    But the good thing is that now it’s easier to follow you and Sam on one combined blog, so YAY, I’ll have a beer on that 😀

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