Creative Expression Photography Workshop (Nov 3 – 7), 2010

I am very excited to announce a new workshop series: Light Matters Masterclass. I have teamed up with acclaimed photo instructors Royce Howland and Samantha Chrysanthou to create an intensive,  mentorship style workshop designed to teach photographers the dynamic balance between the three  fundamental pillars of creative expression: craft, art and profession. This workshop is for those photographers who want to move into the realm of visionary photography. We give you a combination of insightful seminars, assignment-based field shooting, hands-on digital darkroom work, and instructive critique all while based out of award-winning Aurum Lodge in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Small group size (9 participants max) ensures undiluted access to instructors. To learn more about this exciting and unique Creative Expression Photography Workshop just click on this link to download our detailed PDF or go to Royce’s announcement or Sam’s posting to learn more. I hope to see you there!

©Darwin Wiggett - The 'tree' at Aurum Lodge

©Darwin Wiggett - November Sunrise, Kootenay Plains


8 Responses to “Creative Expression Photography Workshop (Nov 3 – 7), 2010”

  1. Oh too bad! November is too short notice for me! I am destined for another workshop though! This one looks so awesome!

  2. I’m afraid the workshop isn’t a possibility for me, but the images are exquisite examples of brilliant play of light and colour.

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  5. Peter Calamai Says:

    Looked at the very impressive brochure. Can you pls tell me what weather you would normally expect in the lodge area at that time of year. Living in Ottawa, I don’t need to travel long distances to get very cold photographic conditions. We likely won’t have snow yet by early November but we’ll have several months of constant snow-cover and the Gatineau Hills in which to photograph. Not the Rockies, of course.


    • Hi Peter,

      Weather for November is cool (freezing to -10C) on average. Around the lodge there could be snow or there could be none. It is in a rain shadow and so normally gets little precipitation. Thre will be ice fringing the edges of lakes and rivers just like in the second photo above. Light is low angle all day. It could be overcast but is often mixed sun and cloud and for some reason there are often great sunrises that time of year (like above). IF we venture into Banff National PArk we will likely have good snow cover. Darwin

    • Yeah, Darwin’s right on. It can be an exciting time of year, photographically, because it’s a transition period. No longer really fall and not yet full-on winter. Opportunities for great light, hopefully some interesting weather, starting to get ice to spice up the water bodies, snow at elevation (at least) for contrast, etc. Lots of good elements to work with…

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