Seriously Great Prints

Awhile back I mentioned a print I received from Plexiflex that I was impressed with and I made a blog post about the print. Since then something has come to my attention that bears comment. Several photographers I know contacted Plexiflex by phone or by email requesting a quote. The company was very slow to respond to requests for information and in a couple of cases they never responded at all. Indeed, when I emailed them about my concerns about complaints about services I never heard back from them. So… just FYI.

In the meantime Royce Howland mentioned that I should check out the aluminum prints done by Image Wizards. If Royce says he thinks something is great, I listen! I ordered an aluminum print from Image Wizards and I was stunned by the quality of the print. I thought the Plexiflex print was good but Image Wizards aluminum prints are in a league of their own. The prints have to be experienced to be appreciated and you can order sample to see for yourself. All I can say is that the print has a luminosity and presence that is nothing short of stunning. No hyperbole here, this stuff is great.

If you do not know about metal prints then Image Wizards is the place to go because they are the innovators of the process with 35 years experience. I suggest you watch their video to learn more about the process and why it makes such heart-pounding fabulous prints. And if you want to see an excited Moose Peterson, then go watch his blog video on Image Wizards prints.

And, customer service? Well this time I did a little research on people that have ordered prints from Image Wizards and all I can say is I only heard 100% positive comments.

I mention Image Wizards because I think they make a great product, plain and simple. I am not sponsored by them; I do not get affiliate fees or kick backs from sales, nor do I get free prints (except for the sample print). I just thought some of you might want to know about the best print I have ever gotten from a commercial lab. Period.

Image Wizards did inform me of a special on until Dec 23, 2010. For first time buyers of their AluminArte metal prints you can get two 16” x 24” prints on the finish of your choice with the brushed aluminum frameless floating back for $199 US.  Or if you prefer you can get two prints with an anodized aluminum frame to edge (box mount – like you see in Moose’s video) for $299 US.


Print from Image Wizards


6 Responses to “Seriously Great Prints”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the image wizards link, this looks like a solution for the eight foot panos that have been driving me nuts dry-mounted to foam-core.

  2. Do you recall how much the shipping was to Canada. They don’t list shipping costs on their site…

  3. Cool! That’s a fantastic image and also a great choice for metal printing! 🙂

    I’ll be doing some blogging about Image Wizards in the near future as well, but in the meantime I second what Darwin has said here. The Image Wizards “AluminArte” prints are truly stunning. I’m partial to the “Lightly Brushed Aluminum High Gloss” finish — deep blacks, rich colors and fantastic detail. Suitable for B&W work or vivid colors, abstract works, or things with glass, ice or metallic themed subject material… all kinds of stuff. Combined with the excellent mounting hardware on the reverse side, these are really impressive art objects, ready to hang straight out of the box.

    Customer service in my dealings with IW so far has been great. Everyone I’ve talked to has been friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond. They’re serious about the quality of their work, and it was refreshing to feel like I was dealing with someone who wasn’t charging me for a high quality service and then just “phoning it in” like a commodity supplier. 🙂

    Shipping: I won’t sugar coat it, shipping is not cheap. Once your order metal prints above a certain size, they are shipped in plywood crates held together with a lots of 2 inch screws. IW charges for the crates, and then of course you pay to ship them by your method of choice. (Smaller sizes may go in cardboard shipping containers.)

    I recently ordered a pair of 16×24 AluminArte prints, for example. They arrived at a delivered cost to me of about half the cost of the two prints themselves, via FedEx 3-day international. So it was about 1/3 for Print A, 1/3 for Print B, and 1/3 to crate & ship them both (2 crates). They will quote you, just drop them a line and ask. I think it’s worth it… these crates look like they would survive just about anything, and the interior packaging is just as robust as the crate construction. They’re built to get prints to the destination in perfect condition.

    Like Darwin, I have no connection with Image Wizards other than being a very happy customer. 🙂 Highly recommended…

  4. Back in January, Images Wizards were kind enough to send me samples of one of my large panoramas on each of their four finished. They certainly have a unique product and some of the finishes are quite interesting (White High Gloss, White Satin, Brushed Satin and Lightly Brushed High Gloss). The two brushed finishes show the aluminum ‘grain’ and for the right images could produce stunningly beautiful results.

    I was more interested in the White High Gloss (which shows no ‘gain’ and is highly reflective). I wanted to see how their prints compared to the process I normally use, which is, Fuji Supergloss Flex paper, exposed using a Light-Jet printer and mounted on aluminum. Comparing these two, I could see no desirable difference. I can’t speak to durability or longevity, but the price difference for theirs was significant (factor of 3x or more if I remember right). So I never switched. Mind you, I was being quoted on oversized prints. The point of all this, is that if you are just looking for a highly reflective print on aluminum (e.g. floating wall mount), you don’t have to have it actually printed on aluminum to get great results at reasonable prices. That said, they have some nice finishes and customer service seems top notch. I would suggest you ask to get their little sample pack (they sent me one of those as well) so you can see for yourself how the aluminum factors into (or does not factor into) the final look of the image before you rush off and order a big print.

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