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The Holga Hustle – May 7 at Lake Louise

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Just a reminder that we only have a few spots left for our Holga Hustle on May 7 in Lake Louise. If you’ve been following our Fabulous Film Fridays project, you’ll know that Samantha and I have been having a lot of fun playing around with our Holga cameras, Beep and Bop.  So much so that we want to share the fun and invite YOU and your Holga (or other film camera) to come along with us on May 7th to the free Holga Hustle and Print Show.

We’ll be in Lake Louise in Banff National Park with Beep and Bop, just walking around and taking pictures of whatever catches our fancy.  There are lots of paths along the river and of course visitors coming to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Canadian Rockies, so there will be plenty to shoot. Anyone can come, just bring a film camera of any kind and you’re in! And if you do not have a film camera we’ll supply you with one and even some film! We have lots of film cameras to choose from. And don’t forget you have a chance to win the Holga below which has been donated by Jim Slobodian of the Holga Blog! The results of the Holga Hustle will also be posted here on the LLTL blog and there will be even more prizes offered once the results come in.

Win me!

We’ll be at the Holga Hustle from 2:00pm until 4:30pm on Saturday, May 7th after which we are heading over to nearby Baker Creek Bistro to launch our Print Show!  The Bistro has generously provided space in their restaurant for us to show some of our prints, including some made with our Holgas (BTW, Jim from the Holga Blog made all of our Holga prints for us!).  From 5:00pm until 7:00pm, Sam and I will be at the print show with both Holga prints and a sampling of digital files printed on aluminum from Image Wizards to demonstrate in glowing colour the beauty of the area.  There will be free snacks on hand for munching (yum!), and if you need a glass of wine after the exertion of the afternoon walk, alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.

While you’re at Baker Creek, why not make a reservation for dinner to enjoy the excellent, locally-sourced food at the Bistro or make a weekend of it by staying at the Baker Creek Chalets.  This is where we host our SNAP! Photography Seminars workshop October 27-30, 2011 so now is your chance to check out this world-class accommodation. The folks at Baker Creek are offering anyone coming for the Holga Hustle a 15% discount on a two-night stay. Just mention our names (Darwin and Samantha) and come hang out in the Rockies that weekend!

Convinced?  Then come to The Holga Hustle and Print Show at the Bistro to see what you can do with a Holga image.  Space is limited to only 20 people! If you would like to attend the Hustle and Print Show, please email us to reserve your spot.


Smibs TV – Fine Art Photography Weekly

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I just found out about Smibs TV – Fine Art Photography Weekly webcasts where Peter Urban interviews expert photographers about all things fine art. For example in Epsiode 5 Peter interviews Larry Louie who just won 2010 Travel Photographer of the Year. In  Epsiode 2 Peter interviews Guy Tal! Peter has also interviews Michael Reichmann, Clyde Butcher and Brooks Jensen. Check out Smibs TV when you  need a break from Christmas shopping! Hell, it’s better than regular TV (at least for photographers).

©Darwin Wiggett and Anita Dammer

Seriously Great Prints

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Awhile back I mentioned a print I received from Plexiflex that I was impressed with and I made a blog post about the print. Since then something has come to my attention that bears comment. Several photographers I know contacted Plexiflex by phone or by email requesting a quote. The company was very slow to respond to requests for information and in a couple of cases they never responded at all. Indeed, when I emailed them about my concerns about complaints about services I never heard back from them. So… just FYI.

In the meantime Royce Howland mentioned that I should check out the aluminum prints done by Image Wizards. If Royce says he thinks something is great, I listen! I ordered an aluminum print from Image Wizards and I was stunned by the quality of the print. I thought the Plexiflex print was good but Image Wizards aluminum prints are in a league of their own. The prints have to be experienced to be appreciated and you can order sample to see for yourself. All I can say is that the print has a luminosity and presence that is nothing short of stunning. No hyperbole here, this stuff is great.

If you do not know about metal prints then Image Wizards is the place to go because they are the innovators of the process with 35 years experience. I suggest you watch their video to learn more about the process and why it makes such heart-pounding fabulous prints. And if you want to see an excited Moose Peterson, then go watch his blog video on Image Wizards prints.

And, customer service? Well this time I did a little research on people that have ordered prints from Image Wizards and all I can say is I only heard 100% positive comments.

I mention Image Wizards because I think they make a great product, plain and simple. I am not sponsored by them; I do not get affiliate fees or kick backs from sales, nor do I get free prints (except for the sample print). I just thought some of you might want to know about the best print I have ever gotten from a commercial lab. Period.

Image Wizards did inform me of a special on until Dec 23, 2010. For first time buyers of their AluminArte metal prints you can get two 16” x 24” prints on the finish of your choice with the brushed aluminum frameless floating back for $199 US.  Or if you prefer you can get two prints with an anodized aluminum frame to edge (box mount – like you see in Moose’s video) for $299 US.


Print from Image Wizards