Most blogs on photography are about the photographer.  I doubt anyone cares about what I did today, or plan to do tomorrow except maybe my girlfriend or mother (and even they can only take me in small doses)! The purpose of this site is to talk about living life through the lens. How does photography impact us? How do we grow as artists? What inspires us? I also want to share with the world great images from other photographers and to do this I host a ‘monthly’ photo contest and links to other photographer’s inspiring work. I hope this blog will explore ideas through the words and photos of mine but also through the ideas and images of others.

Note: December 31, 2011 – I have stopped posting to this blog and all my efforts in photography are over at oopoomoo. Join me there fro the adventure.

Cheers and thanks for dropping by!

Darwin Wiggett – 2009 – 2011

emails to wiggett@telusplanet.net


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