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Inspirations – Guy Tal

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©Guy Tal

Years ago when I first moved to Utah, I was already familiar with the majestic red rock canyon country of the Colorado Plateau. I also knew of the Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges in the northern part of the state. But, one place that was still a mystery to me was the Great Salt Lake. A remnant of the vast and ancient Lake Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake is still a formidable body of water, the fourth largest terminal lake in the world and the 37th largest lake on Earth and yet, I rarely saw images of it. As a landscape photographer, a feature of this magnitude demanded exploration. On my initial forays I discovered a place that was almost alien: a shallow lake stretching as far as the eye could see, austere and beautiful and almost devoid of prominent features other than several islands and the faint outline of mountain ranges across its vast expanse. Best of all, I had it to myself. I fell in love instantly. At the same time, I also realized why it is not visited more often. Large stretches of its shoreline have been appropriated for industrial use and mineral extraction and the remains of its most prominent life form, the brine shrimp, pile along its shores in deep layers that emit a rather unpleasant odor. Still, the stark beauty of the place is undeniable. As I became more familiar with it, I learned to appreciate the great geological and biological diversity not obvious at first glance. In this particular area, along the shore of Antelope Island, a beach of soft white sand lines the feet of a craggy peak and stretches down to the lake. This place is home to bison, antelope, coyotes, and multitudes of shorebirds. In spring, a field of barley grass covers the sand and sways in the winds. On this day, a monsoon storm was brewing in the distance, its clouds visible in the image, building up around the distant Fremont Island. I positioned the camera just above the grasses to capture their gentle patterns, shaped by earlier winds. I decided to opt for a toned black and white presentation to further emphasize the other-worldly feeling, the gentle wind-sculptued curves, and the grand long views that characterize the lake, without the distraction of color. ~Guy Tal



Win $5000 US for a Photography Grant

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Photocrati (a WordPress plug-in for photographers — we used Photocrati to build Visual Wilderness) has announced a $5000 US grant for a photographer to undertake an important humanitarian or environmental project. So get writing those proposals and making a difference! Go here for full details. Good luck!

©DArwin Wiggett - The Ghost Wilderness - ATV Heaven?

This is an important project!

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I won’t say much here but I think anyone interested in water should check out this link. See if you can help!

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Graveyard Flats – Banff National Park

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I was just going through my images trying to finish processing all the shots from 2010 when I came across these images. I had  posted previously that I wanted to organize a clean-up of Graveyard Flats in Banff. Seeing these photos reminded me to put this task as a major priority for 2011. If you are interested in being involved send me an email at If you already sent me an email you do not have to send another one. I will let everyone know when the clean-up gets organized in 2011. Thanks in advance for your support!

Oil Drum at Graveyard Flats, Banff NP

Gas and oil residue in pond at Graveyard Flats

Detail of gas residue on pond

The Daily Snap – October 23

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©Darwin Wiggett

This photo reminds me of a waterfall but this time the falls are a cascade of roots falling from an eroding bank.

The Daily Snap – October 22

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©Darwin Wiggett

A common sight in the Canadian Rockies is the shoreline of lakes and rivers trampled and eroded. All these great places are just being loved to death, everyone wants and deserves to visit and experience these places, but there are just too many bodies pounding hard on  the land. These places simply can not sustain visits by millions of people each year. The more we disconnect with the land on a daily basis, the more intensively we try to reconnect when the have the opportunity.

Outdoor Photography Canada – Spring Contest

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Hey all, Outdoor Photography Canada magazine has a Spring Photo Contest with great prizes (see below for grand prize list). Deadline is May 31 – contest details are at this link. Because the theme is Human Impact on the Environment there are fewer than normal entries, so here is a contest where odds are definately in your favor if you enter!!

Grand Prize:

©Darwin Wiggett

Shopping for a Better World

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Money Makes the World Go Round

Let’s face it, the world runs on the power of money. We can protest and educate and volunteer but real change will only happen if we can affect the ultimate engine of human activity–the economy. Money talks. Money is power. The fastest way to change the world for the better is with our wallets. If we reward companies that supply us with everyday products in a social and environmentally responsible way by purchasing their goods, then their good practices will be more widely adopted. In turn, we should refuse to buy goods from irresponsible companies.

Spinning the World with Our Money

This theory is simple but how can we, as consumers, judge the responsibility level of individual companies? How much is green-hype, how much is real? I turn to to help me sort through the hype and green-washing to pick products that I need to use. The author of the betterworldshopper rates companies and products on a report card basis with grades from A+ to F. Simply buy and support companies with good report cards and we can affect change for the better. Of course, only buy stuff you really need; the old reduce, reuse and recycle still applies. Consumption even by socially and environmentally responsible companies is still consumption.

The top ten companies in the world as rated by Better World Shopper are: Seventh Generation, Working AssetsEden Foods, Organic Valley, Clif Bar, Honest Tea, Patagonia, Tom’s of Maine, Ben and Jerry’s and Aveda. To see specific rankings on products go here. For example, I no longer eat PowerBars (D-) but now choose Clif energy bars. Check out the list for yourself to see if you are buying from responsible companies.

And here are the list of the 10 worst companies–avoid these brands whenever possible; Exxon Mobil,  Kraft, Walmart, Chevron-Texaco, Pfizer, Nestle, General Electric, Archer Daniels Midland, General Motors, and Tyson Foods.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett