LLTL Monthly Photo Contest

Every month or thereabouts (depending on my mood), I hold a photo contest where any reader of this blog can enter an image and possibly win nice prizes (I think they are nice at least!). Each contest is themed and is usually judged by a guest photographer or magazine editor. Click on the link below to get info on the most current contest.

Entry info and theme for the current contest


3 Responses to “LLTL Monthly Photo Contest”

  1. duh… nevermind. sorry!

  2. […] I raise this contest as an example of how many photo competitions are actually just ‘excuses’ to make money (where entry fees are charged) or to get free images for advertising and editorial uses. If you enter photo contests, please read the rules carefully. Are you willing to give up what is asked? Only you can decide. If you want a great site listing some crappy and some good contests to enter go to Photo Attorney (this is also a great legal resource site for photographers)!  Also see my previous rant about Canadian Geographic. And if you want to see what my ‘rules’ are for the photo contests I run on this blog go here.  […]

  3. Ian Ballie Says:

    Hello from Scotland, I love your web site and in particular the great pictures. As a 7d user I was intrested in your comments about picture sharpness !!! Can you let me know if anyone has got to the bottom of this??


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