The Daily Snap

Everyday, starting from Dec 5 2009, I post a photo taken with a compact point-n-shoot digital camera. These photos are not only fun to make but the exercise of daily shooting is like practicing visual ‘scales’ for the photographer. It keeps you ‘in tune’ and visually aware. I hope you enjoy these daily snaps. Most of the images are ‘freshly made’ but occasionally I might post an older one from my archive of snapshots. To see all The Daily Snaps go here. Darwin

Self Portrait taken with a Canon G9


10 Responses to “The Daily Snap”

  1. […] Daily Snap – Dec 6 This photo for The Daily Snap is from the archives and was taken during the Banff Photo Walk on July 18th, 2009. I wanted to […]

  2. […] Daily Snap – Dec 7 This image for The Daily Snap was taken in October at Horseshoe Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Horseshoe Lake is one of […]

  3. […] Daily Snap – Dec 9 Here is a Daily Snap from Whitehorse Yukon. I loved the way ‘daylight’ white balance recorded the inside […]

  4. […] single shoot I got at least 20 shots that I really, really enjoy. Over the next few days, in the Daily Snap feature I will share some of my favorites here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)My […]

  5. […] a long walk with the dog and took my Canon G11. I hoped to find stuff to photograph on the walk for The Daily Snap. But I came up empty. It was one of those days when nothing inspired me. While taking off my […]

  6. Hi Darwin – I found your blog via Macro Art in Nature. Lovely stuff all around. I appreciate your telling how you created some of the images. A daily blog is difficult (I started mine June 1st, 2009 so I am jsut over 8 months in) and at times, we all need some new inspiration and techniques. I’ve added you to my blogroll and will be following your journey. Good luck! Tracy

  7. Just found your blog Darwin, and I am loving it! Great, inspiring images and very nicely wriiten. Added to my “must go to” blogroll links!

  8. […] started the Daily Snap exactly one year ago (December 5). I wanted to show that it wasn’t the gear that mattered but rather the ability […]

  9. […] want your project to be realistic so that it is achievable.  Many shooters were inspired by the ‘Daily Snap’ project Darwin took on at his old blog in 2010 but photographing every day may not be realistic for […]

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