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Fabulous Film Fridays – October 14, 2011

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Below is another image from the archives using a camera that I regret ever selling the Hasselblad Xpan. Why did I sell that cool little camera? Probably because at the time I was hungry or hurting for cash; a common cycle in the feast or famine industry of photography. Hell, food is over-rated isn’t it?

I sure hope my little Xpan went to a good home, if it’s just collecting dust (or anyone has one that’s collecting dust), I would be happy to take it and dust it off for you and post more pictures on the Fabulous Film Friday post!

©Darwin Wiggett - Xpan with Fujicolor Superia 100 print film


This Week’s Rockies Photo Contest Winner

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Check out Nigel Roger’s winning image for the week. Deadline for entry is September 30th so hurry if you want a chance to win the great prizes. Click here to enter.

Photo Contest Winner for Sept. 8 – Pete Jones

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Pete Jones has taken his second win in the How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Photo Contestclick here to see his winning image!

The Grand Prairie Photography Club – more images

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If you have been following the posts over the last few days then you know this is the fifth in the series of participants assignment photos from our PhotoCram Weekend Workshop in Grand Prairie. If you missed the previous posts here they are: POST 1, POST 2, POST 3, POST 4. Stay tuned Sam has one more post coming on on her blog.

Murray's Photo

Wes' Photo

Jo-Anne's Photo

And finally… in tribute to the hardest working president of a camera club, we present Heather jumping for joy I am sure she was thinking “Thank God this is over, I am never organizing anything like this again!!”

Michele's Photo

Travel Photo Contest – Ray Chong

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Ray Chong

©Ray Chong

It all started off innocently with the purchase of a travel magazine; my weakness is the-path-less-traveled feature, particularly if it involves a coastal destination. One thing led to another and two months after that fateful day, I found myself in Sihanoukville (Cambodia), on the Gulf of Thailand. I made this image at the Ream National Park, on the outskirts of Sihanoukville. At the time that the area was designated a national park (some 17 years ago), several hundred fisher families called the river and estuary home. Today, a sturdy few remain, surviving on whatever the sea and land provide. In a country barely starting to recover from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge, life is, needless to say, a struggle. Yet wherever we went, this was typical of the kind of welcome that we received.

Travel Photo Contest – Lori Jezowski

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Lori Jezowski

©Lori Jezowski

This photo is of a Tribeswoman from the Black Mahong Tribe in SaPa Vietnam. Myself and 3 other ladies ventured to Vietnam a couple of years ago, and did we see a lot, we started in the south Ho Chi Mihn City and saw everything in between, all the way north to Hanoi. We were on planes, trains, automobiles and Junk boats. I must say we did it up good.

We spent some time in the village of SaPa, (the highest point in Vietnam, pretty much in the clouds) where there are five different tribes, the lady in the photo was in Cat Cat Village, she was doing here darndest to sell me a set of hand crafted pure silver earrings. This is one of my favorite photos from my trip, her face tells the story, so much character! The whole time we were in SaPa I had the feeling that I was on a National Geographic tour, the people from all the tribes were so friendly, not mention they spoke fluent English which made it all the more exciting. They would invite us to sit with them at there homes. Of course they always had some handmade wares for us to look at too!

The Daily Snap – June 28

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

It was raining outside and we decided to photograph the interior of the Commercial Hotel in Maple Creek Saskatchewan and than have lunch at the Star Cafe and Grill. We all had fun with our point-n-shoot cameras in the cafe while we waited for the great food. Below are a few snaps I took during our lunch. Little did we know about the burst dam and the potential disaster to befall this quaint little town! To find out more I’ll let Royce take up the story….

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Travel Photo Contest – Horia Bogdan

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Horia Bogdan

©Horia Bogdan

Visiting Brussels can result in many nice photos of landmarks, great (old and new) buildings or statues, but it’s sometimes the small things that make the difference. Here i found this nice old passage somewhere downtown, full of chocolate and champagne shops on both sides, with little cafes and breweries here and there. I really liked the marble pillars and the glass on top and converting the shot to black&white gave it the “vintage” look that resonated with feeling I had when i was there. I also used a 8 stop full ND filter here to blue a bit the motion of the crowed for the desired effect.

The Daily Snap – June 26

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©Darwin Wiggett

This one is from the parking lot of the motel during the Extreme Saskatchewan photo tour – the feeling of the B+W fits the mood of the weather that day.

Pin-Up Models Workshop

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Mike Long is giving a workshop on how to do Pin-Up Style photography at the Santa Clarita Center for Photography in Los Angeles on June 13 and 14th, 2010. This looks like a really fun workshop and I thought I would pass this along to anyone in the Los Angeles area. The workshop is only $299 and includes live model shoots and post processing instruction.Click on the photo below for more info.

©Mike Long