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Ed Verosky’s Awesome Portrait eBooks

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For those who have followed my blog for sometime know that I am a fan of Ed Verosky’s awesome eBook called 100% Reliable Flash Photography: How to Get Amazing Light in any Situation. I used what I learned in this eBook to start using flash for some outdoor portrait work (some of tha work was done for Gaia Nudes). I highly recommend this book if you want to learn how to use your camera flash better.

Now that spring is coming I am planning to do more outdoor portrait work because this genre of photography is something I have spent little time pursing. I thought I had better get a few hints to kick start my shooting in a directed manner so I downloaded Ed’s two books on portraiture and was thoroughly impressed. There are a lot of great tips that’ll help me hone my portraiture in a short period of time. If you are at all interested in portrait shooting check out these two eBooks by Ed.

I am not interested in Boudoir Photography but it can be a lucrative venture if done tastefully and for discerning clients. If you are looking for a way to add boudoir to your repertoire then these two eBooks offer all the advice and tips you need.

Disclaimer: I have signed up for the affiliate program for Ed’s eBooks. This means if you buy one of these eBooks, then I get a percentage of the sale. I only link to eBooks that I myself have purchased and found helpful. If I think an eBook is not worth the price nor the time to look at, then I will not become an affiliate nor recommend the book. So if you think you might be interested in the topics of these eBooks then buying here will help support my quest for beer and pizza and hopefully steer you towards good products!


Interview with the Visual Wilderness Team

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Check out this interview with the Visual Wilderness team. Want to learn what makes us tick, and how we got together and what we do? Of course, some secrets are revealed (like my special fitness program) ūüėČ

The Visual Wilderness Team

Michael Gordon and Darwin Wiggett on Smibs TV

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Today at 2:30 MST¬† (Jan 18) fine art photographer Michael Gordon and yours truly (beer and bathroom photographer) will be on Smibs TV – Fine Art Photography Weekly for a chat about well… who knows?? Actually I wonder why I am on a fine art photography show? Maybe I’ll be straight man for Michael Gordon’s wicked sense of humor.¬† When Michael Gordon is involved, things tend to go in directions that are on no map. Check it out here or watch it a later date (if it’s not censored and if I survive!).

For a taste of Mr. Gordon watch this:

A Few Good Links

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Below are some links that got me thinking and a couple just for fun!

I always tell people to shoot from the heart.¬† If you are shooting to please others, to get an easy iconic trophy, or to to get kudos for your ego then your art is shallow. To make more meaningful work, you need to shoot for yourself. You should make images that move you and reach deep into your soul and you should care little what others think. You need to shoot to please your heart. Along this line I really enjoyed one of Guy Tal’s recent excellent essays entitled The Futile Pursuit of Happiness.


©Darwin Wiggett

Check out the video in this link – – friggin awesome! If you are not blown away by the time lapse work you see in this video, then you must be dead!

Speaking of videos, if you want a laugh check out Charlie Borland’s Hiring a Cheap Photographer or read Zack Arias’ blog post on Top Ten Ways to Become a Professional Photographer.

And finally I leave you with Shooting Strangers

Outdoor Photography Canada – Fall/Winter 2010

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I was so pleased to see the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada because one of my favorite photographers and good buddy, Wayne Simpson has the cover shot (see photo below) and he also a nice big spread in the magazine. Congratulations Wayne!

Also featured in the latest issue is another good friend and co-presenter in the Snap! Photography Seminars, John Marriott with a great piece on The Best Wildlife Locations in Canada that Nobody Knows About.

And a sweet bonus is a lovely shot from a regular reader and participant of this blog Quincey Deters. Quincey won the grand prize in the OPC Spring Photo contest. Be sure to enter the latest photo contest in the magazine to get some fine prizes!

And finally at the Snap! Photography Seminar that was held in April this year, editor Roy Ramsay picked a photo from Corry-Lyn O’Hara as the best photo submitted for critique. You can see her shot on page 9!

©Wayne Simpson

How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional

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One of the classic genres of photography is the figure study. It seems you simply can not go through your career in photography without dabbling in the art of photographing the nude. My first attempt at nude work was stressful and daunting! I did not know how to find models (I used a friend the first time). I knew very little about appropriate techniques both in-camera and in the chemical darkroom. But worst of all I had to overcome the tunnel vision that your subject is a nude person – yikes!

The first couple of tries produced results that were less than satisfactory. I was not confident of my photographic capabilities, I had no idea how to direct the model, I had no concept of what I was shooting and why. I had no props, no great location, and none of the civilized niceties needed to make a shoot go well (you know blankets, bathroom, water etc). I simply had a camera and a naked person in front of me – now what?

There is so much to consider to do a nude shoot well and to come across professionally. You just don’t jump into it like I did. Over the years, I refined my working method and have done numerous nude shoots both in the studio and outdoors. I think I have learned a lot and am much better at it than I was initially. Part of the learning process was trail and error and part was by studying books on the subject. I have seen some decent books on nude photography over the years but only recently did I discover the BEST book on the subject I have ever seen. Ashley Karyl’s e-book “How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional” is a winner. It is a 328 page compendium of everything you need to know to photograph the human form.

I can not believe the detail and thought that went into Ashley’s book. Ashley covers everything you need to know from finding models, working with models, lighting (indoors and outdoors), props, locations, hair, make-up, camera and lenses, marketing, releases, digital workflow, retouching, printing and on and on and on. Not only is this a great book on how to photograph the nude, it is a fine book on the art of photography in general. Highly recommended!

To order Ashley’s book click here.

How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional

By the way, Samantha and I are putting into practice many of the lessons that we learned from Ashley’s e-Book by doing location nude shoots of male and female models here in Alberta. We will present our results at the Digital Photo Expo on October 2 in Calgary. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, happy shooting and watch out for mosquitos!

©Darwin Wiggett

The End of Stock Photography?

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Check out this interview with Jim Pickerell at John Lund’s excellent blog on Stock Photography. Bookmark John’s Blog or subscribe, it is an amazing source of information for those of us involved in stock photography. Hmmm… the end of Stock as a photographic career?? Damn! I am headed the the Golden Arches to see if they need french fry salter.

Thanks to Keith Douglas for the heads up on John Lund’s blog.

©Darwin Wiggett


So you Wanna be a Professional Outdoor, Nature, or Travel Photographer

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Almost everyday I get an email from someone who¬†totally loves to take pictures but who¬†totally hates their current job–sound familiar? They all want to know how they can make the jump from enthusiast to pro. They want to live the dream of¬†being a nature, outdoor, or travel photographer and they email me for advice on how to do it. The problem is there is no easy answer, nor is there a ‘correct’ path. I can’t answer their question in a short email; I would need to write a book about how to become an outdoor, nature or travel¬†photographer. And actually I am probably not very qualified to answer–I kinda just fumble my way along and so far things have worked out.¬†

Fortunately, I know someone who is a passionate photographer, a great business man, and a wonderful teacher. David Duchemin has written a book which has become the bible for those longing to turn their passion into a profession. If you have ever considered making the leap to full-time pro, or if you’re a pro but your business is suffering you owe it to yourself to read, digest, and put into practice all the great advice, philosophy and tips that David has packed into Visionmongers: Making a Life and Living in Photography. There is no other book like it and of all the “How to Make a Million Dollars in Photography” books out there, this is the one that really gets to the heart of the matter and really forces you to ask yourself, “Is this the path I want to take?”. This industry is tough, and the dream can be fulfilled, but realize what you think¬†its like being a photographer is really different the reality of it. David makes you acutely aware of the differences.¬†Highly recommended.¬†¬†

Visionmongers by David Duchemin

Another resource that is full of great business ideas is from the No BS Photo Success team. These guys (Rob and James) have amazing ideas on how to make a portrait, wedding, and commercial photo studio succeed. Wait a minute, you think, I am a nature photographer, why the hell listen to these guys??? Not only are these guys fun and engaging, their ideas are applicable to any type of photography, it is all about marketing and marketing is what gets you business and buys you pizza and beer (yum, yum!). Smart photographers get ideas from others outside their speciality to make their businesses unique. So, if you live near Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon,  or Toronto go see these guys during their No BS Photo Success Cross-Canada Road Show April 2010. Highly Recommended! 


A brand new¬†resource that is jam-packed with good information is Pro Nature Photographer¬†– check it out, I am sure you’ll get some good tips here on how to run your business. Looking forward to continued informative stuff from this website.¬†


Here are a few more resources you might want to check out: 

Jim Pickerell’s Photo Licensing Options site

Dan Heller’s Business of Photography Blog

How to Go Pro РKen Rockwell 

Taking the Plunge: Making the Transition to Pro Photographer РSamantha Chrysanthou 

The Stock Agent: Should You Seek One? РCharlie Borland (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) 

If anyone has other resources that have been helpful please email me and I will add them to this list. 

Good luck with your dreams! 

©Darwin Wiggett

International Photography Awards

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Last year I was the busiest ever. I was constantly shooting, doing workshops and tours that I am only now getting around to processing my 2009 work. I hope to catch up over the next month or so. One of the things I just discovered when cleaning out my old emails was the fact that I had one four honourable mentions in the 2009 International Photography Awards. Imagine my surprise that I overlooked these emails.

Check out all the winners in the numerous categories Рamazing stuff!

If you want to look at alot of stunning photos in one spot check out the vast catalog of HM images

Here are my winners:

1. Icescapes – Series of Five

2. Trees in Winter – Series of Five

3. Wind Through the Trees – Series of Five

4. Environment -Residue – Series of Five

No BS – crazy and fun!

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At the Windsor International Photo Seminar, I had the pleasure to hang out with James Hodgins and Rob Provencher. These guys are¬† warped–plain and simple! Not only do they have successful portrait/wedding/commercial studios, they LOVE photography and simply have a blast making pictures. They are anything but SERIOUS and they have an entertaining and effective teaching style with zany videos¬†but incredibly¬†inspiring work.¬† Check out¬†their recent post from their first day in Windsor!¬†and way they always carry a point-n-shoot¬†(Canon G11).

They also have a website called No BS Photo Success. These guys know marketing! They know how to build a photo business. Even if you don’t shoot weddings, or portraits, or commercial work, they lessons they teach really hit home for any kind of photographer. I am super excited to try out some new things I learned from Rob and James in my own business.

Best of all the boys totally reinforced why we do photography–for fun! Often photographers are way too serious. It is refreshing to see talent, inspiration, education and humour go hand-in-hand. These guys are my kind of people!


Rob's 'Exposed' book

It looks like they also thought I was a decent bloke as well. Thanks guys for the great time!