Creative Expression Masterclass results – Philip Lo

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Below are the six favorite Creative Expression Masterclass photos from Philip Lo.

©Philip Lo

©Philip Lo

©Philip Lo

©Philip Lo

©Philip Lo

©Philip Lo


Inspirations – Amanda Large

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© Amanda Large

Nikon D90, 16-85 mm f/3.5-5.6, ISO 250, f/3.5, 1/25 seconds

Sometimes the images that say the most about people don’t literally show much of them at all. This portrait of my odd-socks-wearing friend was taken on the spur of the moment; hand-held, no premeditation, no set up. We were getting ready to go out, I think – or rather, he was sitting on the couch waiting for me to get ready – and I grabbed my camera in the hopes of nabbing a shot of him. Being a modest soul, he didn’t want to show his face and grabbed a conveniently located painting to hide behind. I directed him to move it slightly so that his scarf aligned with the tie in the painting and took a shot using the available light before he lost patience with me. For me, a big part being a photographer is being able to go with the flow and seize the moment. I originally set out to take a simple picture of my friend on the couch, and ended up with what I find a far more interesting portrait.

As a side note: it was pointed out to me that the painting is based on a photo (of 20th century political philosopher John Rawls), so this is actually a photograph of a painting based on a photograph. ~ Amanda Large

The Weekly Photo – December 19, 2011

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©Darwin Wiggett

Click on the photo to learn the back story of this photo (and my meet-up with famous photographers!) plus see a few more photos from the shoot.

Inspirations – Spiritual Wood by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

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© Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Nikon D300 Nikkor 18/200mm at 
38 mm  
2 sec. 
f/16 ISO400

Hi, I’m Philippe Sainte-Laudy. I live near Strasbourg in France. My goal in the world of photography is to strive for originality, and create my images into an art form. I like photographing nature and in particular landscapes. Photographer by passion for years, today I have my own business.

I also like optimizing and working my images with software such as Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom.

I hope that photography can bring people closer to nature and encourage them to preserve it for future generations.

This photo was taken this autumn in France near Strasbourg. The season was beautiful this year! The woods were bathed in a light yellow to brown. Almost magical! I also used a tripod to get a good depth of field and bring out maximum detail. I used several layers set in Photoshop to optimize the atmosphere of this forest and give an artistic touch.

I recently published two free ebooks. The first talks about landscape photography and the second includes my best photographs of autumn this year. A kind of Best of 

Thank you to Darwin for allowing me to talk about myself without moderation.

Creative Expression Masterclass results – Richard Douglas

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Below are the five favorite Creative Expression Masterclass photos from Richard Douglas.

HDR 1  Aperture Priority   –   F/13   –   ISO 200   –   105 mm

HDR 2 Aperture Priority   –   F/18   –   ISO 200   –   28 mm

HDR 3 Aperture Priority   –   F/18   –   ISO 200   –   65 mm

Tone 2 Aperture Priority   –   F/13   –   Shutter Speed (1/80 sec)   –   ISO 200   –   28 mm

Tone 3 Aperture Priority   –   F/18   –   Shutter Speed (10 secs)   –   ISO 200   –   300 mm

Inspirations – Kouji Tomihisa

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© Kouji Tomihisa

I normally take photos on my way to the office. As a result I take a lot of photos at sunrise, sunset, night and in train stations. One thing that differentiates my photos from other photographers is the height of my view. I often use the ‘live view’ finder of my camera, thus the view is as low as a 5-year old child. I intentionally take my photos that way so that you can feel you have gone back to those days. ~ Kouji Tomihisa

Fire and Ice Photo Tour Results – Jagjit (Monty) Dhillon

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Below are Jagjit Dhillon’s six favorite photos from the Fire and Ice Photo Tour.

©Jagjit Dhillon

©Jagjit Dhillon

©Jagjit Dhillon

©Jagjit Dhillon

©Jagjit Dhillon

©Jagjit Dhillon